Filling The Funny Gap

Here’s the problem.  Most business professionals and thought leaders don’t know how to be funny smart.  Comfort with comedy is a rare commodity, even among the more self-assured public speakers.  Most don’t trust their instincts or timing.  And being in the public eye, they are extra sensitive to the risk of screwing up (see President Obama v. the Special Olympics). 

Sophisticated comedic writing is in even shorter supply.  Try finding a listing for that on Google or Craigslist.  Seriously, even most top PR firms don’t know where to turn.  They may know someone who knows someone who writes for a late-night talk show.  But do they know how to write for you — or your audience?

The result is that most speakers who want to harness the power of humor to engage and enlighten are usually on their own.  And all too often they settle for the safe, bland stuff that’s lucky to get a golf clap.  Or they don’t bother at all.

That’s where we come in.  Gotham Jokewriters was formed to fill the funny gap in the marketplace.  We want to make it easy for business professionals and other thought leaders looking for humorous help to find the material and mastery they need to make their mark.

To that end, we have recruited a stable of elite comedic writers who have considerable experience working with serious people in serious forums and a deep understanding of how to use humor as a means to a larger end — be it making a point, making a pile of money … or just making your colleagues wet their pants.