Content + Confidence = Connection

We start out with the firm belief that most any public speaker can be funny with the right material, preparation, and support.  You may not be quite ready to host Saturday Night Live.  But you’ll be funny enough to break through to the people you’re trying to reach.  Just look at Al Gore.  If Mr. Global Apocalypse can get a laugh here and there, so can you.

The key to connecting is confidence.  If you trust that you have great stuff, that it’s true to your voice, and that you can deliver it comfortably, you’re 90 percent of the way home.  To reach that level of confidence, you can try the traditional approach and stock up on peach schnapps.  Or, if you’re smart, you’ll hire us.


We can write in any style — whatever suits your sensibility, your audience, and your goals.  We can provide G-rated or politically correct material that entertains without offending even the most sensitive audience.  We can give you political jokes that would get laughs if Nancy Pelosi delivered them at an NRA convention.  We can milk the most out of pop culture; after all, we help create it.  And if you want a little satirical edge, we can drive your listeners Wilde.

We can also write for any situation.  Among our specialties:

SPEECHES AND PRESENTATIONS: We can work hand-in-hand with the world-class speechwriters at Gotham Ghostwriters to give you a text that seamlessly integrates humor with your message and snaps, crackles, and pops with your audience.  Or we can tack on a short topper and punch up a speech you have already written to win over the audience before you bore them to death with your latest jumble of Dilbert words.

ROASTS AND TRIBUTES: Looking for a few perfect zingers to send up a colleague for charity or send them off to retirement?  We can help you walk that fine line between singeing and burning — and leave the room buzzing.

EVENT STAGING AND PRODUCING: We can write witty, engaging scripts for event moderators and hosts to avoid those dull, energy-draining gaps.  We can also help produce fun, lively awards shows, sports banquets, and fund-raisers.  We can work with venues, book talent, and arrange audio/video displays.


Some comedy writers will give you a stack of jokes and leave you to fend for yourself.  But we believe our work is only half done at that point.  Once we deliver the content, it’s then our job to help you become confident in your delivery.

AUDIT: The prep process actually starts before the creative process does.  Right up front, we’ll do a comedic audit to determine your preferred style: what comedians you find funny, what jokes you have pulled off in the past, what kind of humor makes you uncomfortable.

DEBRIEF: Next, after we have drafted the material you’ve asked for, we’ll do an initial vetting session to find out what works for you, what needs to be dumped, and what needs to be refined.  Then we’ll get back to you with a polished final product.

REFINEMENT: Once you are comfortable with the material, we’ll work with you to fine-tune the delivery — the gestures, the intonation, and the timing.  We can be low-tech and make perfect through simple practice, or we can videotape your sessions and webcast them to get notes from your advisors.  As a last step, we’ll use your feedback to make a final set of adjustments to the text, so it fully fits your voice and cadence.

All that will be missing is a laugh track.  But after you are done working with us, we’re confident you won’t need one.