Being Funny is Now Serious Business

Some of you may be thinking, are you kidding me?  You’re starting a jokewriting group for CEOs and politicians in the middle of the worst recession in a half-century? Sounds like a — um — bad joke.  Or a major vanity exercise.

We actually believe it is a tremendous value proposition.  Being funny is now serious business.  More and more, the most influential people in America want to be on like Jon (Stewart that is), or at least on with him.  Just look at all those foreign policy heavyweights and corporate titans lining up to go on fake news shows to hawk their ideas and books.

And correspondingly there’s a growing demand at the highest levels of business, politics, and culture for that shade of sharp humor.  In fact, ever since we launched Gotham Ghostwriters, one of the first questions we get from the elite clientele we deal with — after we break the news that we don’t draft Batman’s speeches — is whether we know folks who write great jokes.

Why is that?  These thought leaders know that in today’s cutthroat competition for mindshare, wise cracking can be a powerful way to break through — to go beyond merely gaining attention to get traction with discriminating audiences. In particular, they know that humor, when done right and used well, can enlighten as well as entertain, crystallizing important issues, exposing common fallacies, and even revealing essential truths.