We'll Help You Stand Out and Sink In

You're the boss.  Wouldn’t you like to have people laugh at your jokes because they’re actually funny — not just because they think they have to?  Or to have that lunch audience you’re speaking to eating out of your hand — instead of staring down at their rubber chicken?

Well, turns out there’s a benefit to being a relatively powerful person (who knew?).  You can now buy, or at least lease, a high-performance sense of humor — the kind that will help you win friends, influence people, and maybe even sell some widgets.

Gotham Jokewriters — New York’s first business-focused comedy writing group — will put some of the country’s best comic craftsmen at your disposal.  We know better than anyone that inspired humor, the stuff that gets people listening as well as laughing, can be a valuable tool in promoting an idea or advancing an argument.

Our team has written for some of the biggest names in comedy, politics, and business — including Jerry Seinfeld, Jay Leno, David Letterman, Chris Rock, Conan O’Brien, Bill Gates, Hillary Clinton, John McCain, Donald Trump, and Katie Couric.  As performers ourselves, with decades of stage experience between us, we know what warms up and draws in a crowd — not just the words, but the rhythm and tone.  So you can count on us to deliver the goods, and to make sure you can, too.

But what really sets us apart, like our colleagues at Gotham Ghostwriters, is our ability to set you apart.  Lots of comedians can help you do a little stand-up.  Where we excel is in helping companies, causes, and their pitchmen stand out and sink in — rising above the mundane and inane, connecting with a crowd, and leaving a lasting impression.